Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More About Local Mobile Monpoly

Local Mobile Monopoly is a latest clickbank product by Adam Horwitz and Tim Donovan. This is a product which will teach you how to earn significant amount of money with Mobile Marketing. This is second project fom these two guys and it is really unique concept. Previous project they released in August of 2010 is known as Mobile Monopoly and it broke clickbank records.

At the moment details about Local Mobile Monopoly are not known. We can only wait now for more information in near future. This product is going to be unique opportunity to make insane amount of money through mobile marketing, and there is no doubt that Local Mobile Monopoly will break another clickbank record.

What we expect from Local Mobile Monopoly is to have all that Mobile Monopoly had but we also hope for more details, and general money making secrets.

Local Mobile Monopoly

Local Mobile Monopoly is a next mobile marketing product from Adam Horwitz and Tim Donovan. The former mobile marketing product from these two guys was launched in second half of 2010. Product was named Mobile Monopoly and It was one of the biggest releases of 2010. 
Mobile Marketing is the future and there is no doubt about that. I'm  looking foreward with excitement to see what Adam and Tim will bring us this time. I believe  that this new product will be focused mainly on the Local Mobile Marketing.  
First thing for me to check is if this is really a new product and not just re-launch of Mobile Monopoly. I'll put my attention to check out the differences between the two courses and if they are not dependent on each other. Question is - is it necessary to have Mobile Monopoly in order to take full advantage of the new Local Mobile Monopoly